Custom Homes

Professionally build dream homes

Willoughby Construction and Consulting utilizes a design-build process to complete the construction of your new custom home. We feel that the design-build process provides our clients the best value because we work with the client as a team to design the clients dream within the limits of the established budget by the client and the builder. The design-build process allows the client and the builder to know actually what it is going to cost to construct their project in advance and limits the possibility of a low bid that will result in numerous change orders.

We work from drawings and construction project specifications that our clients bring to us and utilize our construction network and cost estimating software to develop an itemized cost for your project. Willoughby also offers full design capabilities if you do not have complete construction drawings and project specifications for your project. Our designers can take your conceptual ideas for your project and turn them into full constructible drawings and specs needed to obtain zoning approval and building permits for your project. We can construct your project on a building lot already purchased by you or with our dedicated real estate professionals, we can assist you in finding the perfect building lot!

Custom Home
Homes by Willoughby are beautiful, unique and engineered to the highest standards.

Our services include:

  1. Working with you to develop the construction plans and specifications for your dream home.
    • Designing your project to fit on a lot already purchased by client.
    • Designing your project while helping the client to find the perfect building lot.
  2. Financing  your new home.
    • Work with one of our mortgage professionals to secure the financing for your new home.
  3. Site Plan Development, Zoning and Permitting Process
    • Application and Zoning Approval (if necessary).
    • Perc Testing for Water and Septic if your property will not be connected to city water and sewer.
    • Installation of Water Wells.
    • Site Work to prepare for the construction of your new home.
    • Installation of the foundation.
  4. Construction of your new home
    • Installation of the plumbing, HVAC and electrical system.
    • Interior and Exterior Finishes.
    • Completion of the Sitework, Installation of the Lawn, Landscaping, Hardscapes and Driveway.
    • Final Walkthrough with Home Owner.
    • Welcome Home Party.

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